Google Play Store

Google Play Store got a major boost today with Google’s decision to feature the marketplace in Google bar.Google Play Store, until recently known as Android Market, is Google’s digital marketplace for mobile applications, music, movies and books.

Google is trying to establish a one-stop shop that can satisfy everyone’s digital desires, whether they are on a mobile device or a desktop computer’s Web browser. The effort is part of the Internet search leader’s broader ambition to diversify beyond online advertising, which still accounts for 96 percent of its revenue.

With Google Play, the company hopes more people, who occasionally went to the old Android Market to buy mobile apps, will start noticing other types of content and consider buying an electronic book or an album, too. If that happens, Google Inc. believes more digital content providers will want to peddle their wares in its store.

The Google bar is the navigation bar that appears on top of most Google properties like search, maps and email. With millions of Google users and billions of page views everyday, it is considered one of the most precious pieces of real estate on the Internet. Any property that gets featured on the Google bar is sure to receive a massive boost.

Google had earlier tried to boost Google+ usage by giving it a prominent placement in Google bar.


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